Pentillie Show Opening

Great night at the Pentillie Castle exhibition preview last night .. Thank you everyone for coming along, to Jane Ridsdill staunch henchwoman who's been there 2 days running setting up and keeping me calm, Alan Jackson and his extraordinary canapés, Sarah and Linda Payne for your help tonight and all my beloved pals for support and kind comments this evening ...A huge treat to see you all in such a beautiful setting .
On now for the next 4 days, 10am til 5pm, the kettle will be on, the fire lit and the clarion honking of geese and lapping of the big river on its mud flats await you ... forget the paintings, its worth coming along just for the beauty of the drive down to the Bathing Hut and a good game of Count The Pheasants 😉

Lady Westcott's Ecstacy pen.jpg

Lady Westcott's Ecstacy

Show is On

My little exhibition at Pentillie Castle is now underway so hopefully my Bruv will have a few new images to post on the 2018 page now!



    March 9th, 10th and 11th sees a Jo March show at Pentillie Castle , near St Mellion, in the estate grounds in the beautiful little Bathing Hut down by the river. It's a perfect setting amongst the arcadian groves and deep wooded slopes  along the banks of the Tamar. I will have both new and older paintings on show and a great selection of framed and unframed prints. It coincides with Pentillie's own open Spring open day on the Sunday and Mother's Day AND on the 10th, my birthday so hopefully much merriment will ensue ... Hope to see you there!!



Bathsheba has gone to W.H.Lane , the well known and respected art auctioneers in Penzance and will be part of their sale on Thursday 15th February. Exciting as selling at auction is not something I've explored ! She's in alongside another Jo March original 'The Halfacre' so they have each other for company ... The catalogue for the sale will be online on the WH Lane website and is also available from them via mail.

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New Year so New Show

Busy times so have been remiss on the blogging sorry folks! However here is a little update.

First intimations of the next small show ! 8th, 9th, 10th,11th march 2018 at the bathing hut in the grounds of beautiful Pentillie castle. If you want to see their taster the link follows:

Christmas in Gunni.

What a weekend in this mad, lovely village.. Last night the Buccaneer hosted some kind of bacchanalian midwinter event ..a 60's disco run by 'the Committee', hosted by Gilly the landlady and supported by the oddest selection of party people you could wish to meet. The music was inspired, the frolics already legendary, the bottoms swinging and stinging with joy under the flashing twirling lights of the bijoux fun palace that is the backroom of the Buccaneer. Mayhem in a grey and sprawling border village in Cornwall.
Now Sunday night and the hangovers fade and we're back at the Bucc for Carols Round The Tree , full of cheap house whisky and love .. There's nowhere else I'd aspire to be at this moment . Gunnislake is awe inspiring in its unpretentious ordinariness .. and thats what makes it special and out of the ordinary .. We are such a huge cross section of people , happy souls, grumpy bastards, people with money, people with none, incomers, old families.. The festive lights are shining down on the wet streets and the woolly hatted heads of men, women and kids, laughing , shouting, glad to be here ..a little band plays and carols are sung , Father Christmas arrives and sits himself on an incongruous gold velour settee and is swamped with laughing dancing kids .. The Buccy windows glow and inside it's festooned with gorgeous glittering decorations and a wall of customers clapping gloved hands at the bar and throwing small change in the tinselled buckets. Gill is the best landlady a village could hope for . Her pub embodies all that's good and kind and community in Gunnislake, and after we've sung and gossiped and marvelled at the remembrance balloons as they sailed skywards, we women sit by a banked up glowing fire, an extended coven , draining our glasses and discussing the state of play with our love lives, kids and separate fortunes and our hopes for 2018. The closeness in this sprawling village is sometimes so astounding, the happiness I've found here moves me .. In the dark it's beautiful, little lanes and alleys, so many homes set like glowing teeth in the night in a huge poor mouth, the notorious pounding main street, the vanished glory of Commercial Street, the housing estates, cottages , the decrepit but noble Public Hall and Social Hall and the four pubs , the menagerie and terrifying windows of Pete and Di's Bazaar and, the glory of it, bigger than all of us, the huge pointed pine forest that sillhouettes itself for our wonder, that looms over us, lies under a moon for us and makes this the place of fairytale villagers, Simple Jacks, dames and widows. This ordinary , extraordinary place is something else, something that no outsider that decries it, can really understand . Gunnislake, we love you.

Lady 'n Red

Just some thoughts, from the interview with Jane Ridsdill, about the use of (usually) red washes when painting, my nighttime perambulations and on the recent show in Plymouth.

Onward and Upward?

Great last day at The Good Coffee HQ, Ebrington St today .. lovely to see so many old friends... fabulous and fierce troubleshooting and debate on things psychogical, artistical and gender-ical.. brilliant !  Thank you Jonathan for the best arts venue, debate forum , ideas pit and coffee in town!
Next stop: Pentillie! 
In the slight pause between now and then my Bruv will be putting up some of the previously lost images of my work from bygone days. Please send in more or better images of my 'lost' work if you can xxx

Under A Hunters Moon.

Under a Hunter's Moon : New Paintings & Prints by Jo March Exhibition. It runs from Thursday 5th October (18:00 Preview Evening) until  Thursday 19th at 5pm 


You are cordially invited to come along and enjoy an Autumn show by Westcountry artist, Jo March at the delectable Ebrington St. Coffee Shop of her friend Mr Jonathan Smyth. The show will feature a selection of her recent work and serve as a tempting taster for a one-woman show planned for 2018, venue to be confirmed . Mingle with others in the company of Painted Poachers, Rambling Lads and Feathered Harlots all set amongst the cottages, fine houses and green hills of Miss March's make-believe land.... and of course, whilst you're there, treat yourself to the very best coffee and cake Plymouth has to offer

Show map

Good Coffee Headquarters

            59 Ebrington St., PL4 9AA Plymouth



Sweet hazy autumn sunshine melting over Kingswood road today and it's not even mid-August . The trees in the front garden are carelessly laughing and dropping their apples, rosehips shine huge and fat and red whilst the roses still bloom by their sides and my mouth, as I came in through the backgate, was crammed with blackberries and my thoughts full of crumble . An afternoon of painting now but I want to go loitering in hedges. Along the lanes , in deep hedges and long grass is the aromatic scent of blowsy Summer, the mature lady, hoisting up her damp skirts and summoning Autumn in all his glory. This feeling comes unbidden every year with the scent of warm leafmould and crushed petals, hazy sunshine and the new young birds singing independent on their boughs. Summer and Autumn are the eternal lovers and this year's romance has begun.

London Exhibition

Just realised that I have not published the venue and dates of my little show on here! (Buried in the Western Morning News article posted earlier but not as visible as they might be!

Up From The Country: A Life In Landscape by Jo March

The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery

Pall Mall,


Showing from December 10 to 16.