At last a website! Got to thank my dear brother, Richard for spending the last few weeks furiously collating, organising and uploading dozens of images for me that reflect 30 years of work. Some of the images are clear and bright , some faded, small and almost forgotten .. there are a legion we haven't found - all out there in the world, waiting to be included on this site. If you have one that we've overlooked , please send it in!

   When I came back from Sheffield in 1986 with a History degree and declared I intended to be an artist, I don't think anyone took me seriously, myself included, but somehow the job description stuck ..Job ? Is it a job? no, not really a proper one .. Its a mindset, a way of living and certainly not always a way of earning that living.

   Thinking back as I write this, there have been numerous exhibitions, from the first experimental shows at Webbs Hotel, The Long Room and Stuart House , Liskeard.  There were forays into Sterts with shows with my beloved late husband David , a flirtation as a guest of the Ruralists at Barley Splatt and a brief unsatisfactory experience with a London agent who will remain nameless.  Then there was the age of the galleries, Mid-Cornwall Galleries, Red Rag at Bath, Jerram Gallery in Sherborne and Royall Fine Art at Tunbridge Wells. I am still showing at the lovely local Limekiln Gallery at Calstock but it's time also to reclaim ground a little and enjoy some independence . Hence this website and a direct engagement with friends who enjoy my paintings .    Throughout the 30 years some of the highlights have been local shows and selling work to new customers after funny and lovely conversations in village halls and agricultural show marquees. Organisers of local events and exhibitions such as Ruth Carthew and Brian Hooper at Upton Cross,  have reminded me year after year that selling direct and local is fun and very meaningful.

   My paintings are almost always works of imagination...produced from a mental landscape rooted in localism, in having lived in South East Cornwall for all but 3 out of my 55 years. They are fuelled by memory, recollections of  people and places I've known, of intense living in a very small plot in this huge world. The paintings spring spontaneous from my head and the best ones are those that tap into the mystery and wildness that lives just beneath the surface of everything around us. I like to feel that is what you might be enjoying when you look at them. 30 years of painting has flown and the paintings have travelled alongside me through thick and thin, happy and sad, laughter and inevitably some tears. And still on a Monday morning , dog walk done, untidy house pulled straight and a new blank canvas on the easel in front of me, I feel like I've only just begun.