Competition Entry

As I am very busy at the moment with all the Exhibition work and to ensure a lack of bias please email my Bruv at to enter this one. He will then give the panel of respected judges [me] totally anonymous print outs of the entries.

We will email you back for a postal address, within a week [ 27 September], if you win. Sadly no email = no result.


So - He Said, She Said [and if you wish- We/They Said.]


An A4 print [on Glossy, Matte or Canvas finish paper of your choice] to both the best publishable answer and {hopefully}the best non-pubishable answer submitted by September 20 2017. [The non-publishable one will be available by messaging me if you really want it.]


1.  Jo's decision is final. 2.  You must have reached this page via a search engine. {Yes I'm trying to promote the site} 3. No entries from my brother, my kids nor their avatars. 

To enter just search "" on your favourite search engine to validate your entry, email brother with your 'He Said, She Said' bit, your choice of finish and wait until 20/09/17!